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By: AboutOrchids | Date: Feb 28, 2010 | AboutOrchids
Cut back the flower stalk as low as possible without damaging nearby leaves or roots. Use a sharp scissors cleaned with hot water & soap, rubbing alcohol, or bleach solution.

By: Cindy | Date: Feb 27, 2010 | About Orchids - basic orchid care for beginners
What do I do once my phalaenopsis is done blooming? I believe I'm supposed to cut some portion of the stem/stalk but I'm not sure when or where to cut.

By: AboutOrchids | Date: Feb 25, 2010 | AboutOrchids
Check out this info on orchid repotting. Good luck!

By: Sandy | Date: Feb 24, 2010 |
I'm not good on the computer and would like to know how to repot an orchid. I have 3 from a client who couldn't take care of them and I want to try. Thank you

By: AboutOrchids | Date: Feb 23, 2010 | AboutOrchids
To Shell: Deformed flowers can occur for several reasons such as cold temps or genetic quirks. As long as the other flowers look normal, it's not a cause for concern, so enjoy your unique specimen.

To Candace: I can't ID orchids from a written description, but it sounds like you have some kind of jewel orchid. The most common kind is Ludisia, and needs warm temps, regular water, and bright light but no direct sun.

To Mel: Roots in the air are normal. Check out basic care info for Phals. Also check out repotting info, and this post about figuring out when to repot.

By: Shell | Date: Feb 23, 2010 |
I have an orchid bloom that looks like conjoined twins. The stem is thicker than the other flower stems and as a bud, it looked bigger. When the bud finally popped open there was a single column, but two lips - it wanted to be two flowers, but ended up sharing the center - kindof - looks like a single nose with two mouths. It's very unique and pretty. Has anyone else seen anything like this?

By: Candace Preller | Date: Feb 22, 2010 |
I have a lovely orchid that has thrived, but need to know its type in order to prune/care for it properly. Description: Flowers are tiny white perfectly formed orchids on a long slender stalk;leaves are very dak green and velvety in texture with pink striping. What do I have?
Thanks for help!

By: Mel Greenberg | Date: Feb 22, 2010 |
My phalaenopsis, my first orchid, bloomed over a year ago & I cut the stalk. Since it has grown many healthy green leaves and many white surface roots developed..Are the white surface roots normal, do I need to repot? How do I get it to bloom again?
Mel Greenberg

By: AboutOrchids | Date: Feb 22, 2010 | AboutOrchids
To Yvonne: I recommend you cut back the flower stalk. Use a sharp blade cleaned with hot water & soap, bleach solution, or rubbing alcohol.

To Andrew: Check basic info for Phals. It sounds like you're describing keikis, or baby orchids. If you want to keep them, they can be detached when they have grown roots. However, these may take years to mature and bloom. Cut back the dead flower stalks as I've just described for Yvonne.

By: Yvonne | Date: Feb 21, 2010 |
When the flowers have died, should the stalk be cut back?

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