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By: AboutOrchids | Date: Feb 3, 2010 | AboutOrchids
To Beth: Check out basic care info for Phals. Phal flowers can last for weeks or even months, but they eventually drop as part of the plants natural life cycle, and it may not be a cause for concern. If you think they're dropping prematurely, common causes include low humidity, low temps, too much or too little water, or too little light.

To Carol: It sounds like you orchid may be growing new roots, which is normal. Check out this post on healthy orchid roots. Also try to identify your orchid so you know its specific care needs. If you can't identify it, follow these basic orchid care tips.

By: Beth | Date: Feb 3, 2010 |
My question didn't post-- so here it is:
I was given this beautiful 20-22 inch orchid at my father's passing about one month ago, and their are two stems that have blooms on them. Each had several, but slowly the blooms closest to the main stem are softening, then wilting, then dropping off! Is this normal?? I am panicking that I am losing this precious plant, as this is emotionally special and the first orchid I have ever had. Please help with any thoughts! It is in a clay pot with drainage. Again, I believe it is a Phalaenopsis. thank you!!!

By: Beth | Date: Feb 3, 2010 | spokencomputing
In reference to the previous question, I believe the name of my orchid is the Phalaenopsis. Thanks to anyone who might add some helpful hints :-)

By: Carol Thompson | Date: Feb 3, 2010 |
I was given an orchid last year. Within 6 weeks the flowers died. Today, I have 2 sprouts coming out of the plant. They are like "feelers". This is my first orchid and I'm not sure what to do. Is this normal?

By: AboutOrchids | Date: Feb 1, 2010 | AboutOrchids
To Mary: Check out this post on reading your orchid's leaves. Black spots and striations on leaves can be caused by insect damage, poor humidity or air circulation, bacteria, fungal infection, or virus. They're all treatable except for viral infection. Diagnosis is often a process of elimination.

To Mary Ellen: You're correct that orchids need good drainage. You can try to water carefully, but you'll need to repot it if you want to keep it alive.

By: Mary Magarian | Date: Jan 31, 2010 |
I have a pseudo bulb orchid that has develped tiny black spots on the underside of leaves. Is this treatable? Striation in one leaf as well.

By: Mary Ellen | Date: Jan 31, 2010 |
I recently purchased a dendrobium orchid at a big box store. It came in a pretty pot, but the pot has no drainage hole in the bottom. I presume that I should repot it ASAP? Thank you.

By: AboutOrchids | Date: Jan 30, 2010 | AboutOrchids
To Will: Check out this post on watering orchids with ice. Ultimately, it's your plant and your decision, but I advise against it despite what Home Depot says.

To Terry: Used as cut flowers, orchids don't require any special care. I think the vial simply holds water to keep the blooms fresh. You can remove it and let the orchids sit in water with the other flowers.

By: Will Gilliam | Date: Jan 30, 2010 |
I bought my Orchid from Home Depot and the company selling them said to water with ice cubes. Your site says to never water a "Phal" w cold water . I have had this beautiful plant for 2 weeks and have placed ice cubes on it and the new buds keep blooming. The company name is Help me ,iIam confused, but the proud owner a beautiful Phal. !!!!

By: terry | Date: Jan 30, 2010 |
I just received bouguet of fresh flowers including an orchid stem from a farmers market. Attached to the stem is a plastic vial with liquid. What is this vial and do I keep this in the vase? Thank you

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