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By: ronald fazio | Date: Dec 15, 2009 |
i have a phalarnopsis. the flowers and buds are falling off.can you tell me why?

By: Mary | Date: Dec 14, 2009 |
I have three orchids that require very little of me and have been blooming profusely. They are all very happy and I hate to upset the apple cart but
I do have a queation. They all have many,many roots that have grown out of the pot. Some look very moist and green and some look chalky and dry. Can I cut the dry ones off and should these plants be repotted? They look like a Dr. Seuss creation at this point. Thanks.

By: AboutOrchids | Date: Dec 13, 2009 | AboutOrchids
Try to identify your orchids to help them rebloom. You don't need to know the exact names, but figuring out their family will help you learn what growing conditions they need. If you can't identify them, check out this generic info for basic orchid care.

By: Lottie Schneider | Date: Dec 12, 2009 |
Where do I find information on how to get the orchids to rebloom?

By: AboutOrchids | Date: Dec 11, 2009 | AboutOrchids
There are many possible causes for yellow leaves, including overwatering, underwatering, inadequate light, or inadequate fertilizer. Check this post about reading your orchid's leaves. Also check basic care info for Phals to see if you need to change any of your growing conditions.

By: Rebecca | Date: Dec 10, 2009 |
A few of the leaves on my phalaenopsis have turned yellow and have ridges running lengthwise. please advise.

By: AboutOrchids | Date: Dec 7, 2009 | AboutOrchids
To Eileen: Without more info, I can't be sure, but possibilities are sudden temperature change, too much or too little water, or too little light. My first guess is that your orchid may be getting much less light indoors than it did when outdoors in a tree.

To John: Many florists advise using ice, but I think that no orchid originating from the warm tropics wants cold water on its roots. Many varieties may be able to handle it, but they may not bloom, or may have fewer blooms, as a result of excessively cold temps.

By: Eileen Ayres | Date: Dec 6, 2009 |
Have orchid that bloomed last year...put outside in tree..grew great...brought inside...small buds appeared and looked healthy..suddenly small buds dropped off....why...thank you

By: john | Date: Dec 6, 2009 |
The orchid i got my wife has stopped flowering. From what I have read it's stem needs to be cut about half way down, and sealed with wax or cinnoman. One thing that has me very concerned is that when i got the flower the florist told me that for watering I only need to put an ice cube a week in the pot. I have read in several places that I should never use cold water. So whats the scoop. We have been using the ice cube since about July. It didn't seem to have any negative effects. The leaves look good and the flowers have kept coming so i dont think its caused any harm. Any insight would be good.

By: AboutOrchids | Date: Dec 5, 2009 | AboutOrchids
I recommend you remove the stalks, or flower spikes, so the plant can direct its energy to new growth. Use a sharp scissors cleaned in hot water and soap, bleach solution, or rubbing alcohol. As a new orchid grower, I suggest you try to identify your orchid, and check basic orchid care info.

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