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By: Teddi | Date: Dec 5, 2009 |
I'm new to orchids and need to know if I cut down the stalks after flowers are gone?

By: AboutOrchids | Date: Dec 1, 2009 | AboutOrchids
You can find detailed potting info here. If water is slow to drain thru the pot, it's time to repot. For most orchids, every 2-3 years is ok. Buy orchid bark at garden stores and online. Bark from other sources may contain harmful chemicals or microogranisms.

By: pamela owens | Date: Nov 30, 2009 |
the plant seems to grow in practically all bark, when will I know when to re-pot and where would I obtain the bark from (i.e. is it special bark) ?

By: AboutOrchids | Date: Nov 24, 2009 | AboutOrchids
To Amanda: Flowering seasons can vary greatly depending on variety of orchid and growing conditions, so don't worry about the time of year. After 2 months your moth orchid needs to enter a cycle of leaf and root growth before it blooms again.

To Sara: Start by checking out how to identify the most common orchids in cultivation. It'll be easiest if you know what the flowers look like. Otherwise look at the leaves. If you can't identify it, then follow info for basic orchid care. Most orchids sold today are Phals, so that's a good starting point.

By: Amanda | Date: Nov 24, 2009 |
I have lovely white moth orchid. When I bought it (2 months ago) it was blooming. It is Nov in Australia and the beginning of Summer. Now the flowers are starting to droop and are becoming slightly translucent. Am not sure if this is the end of the flowering cycle for my orchid or whether I have not given it enough sun. Don't they usually flower throughout Summer?
Please help!

By: Sara Young | Date: Nov 24, 2009 | Rescued orchid help needed
I have four large orchids in black plastic bags in the green house rescued from a commercial grower who went bust. They were grown for the long spikes, which were cut and then sold. Does anyone know what type of orchid they are likely to be and how to care for them?

By: AboutOrchids | Date: Nov 23, 2009 | AboutOrchids
Check out this post about reading your orchid's leaves. Yellow leaves can be a symptom of several problems, including over or underwatering.

By: Prudence Lev | Date: Nov 22, 2009 |
What am I doing wrong if the leaves turn yellow? Too much water? Not enough water? Something else?

By: AboutOrchids | Date: Nov 19, 2009 | AboutOrchids
To Melanie: The translucent pods sound like pseudobulbs, a normal part of the plant. Fruit flies are usually not orchid pests, but if it's another insect, a large infestation can be a real problem. Detergent spray may not kill all pests, so you may need something stronger. If needed, treat potting material thoroughly with insecticide also.

To George: Follow basic orchid care info to help it bloom again. It will really help to identify the orchid to better know its growing conditions. It's not necessary to remove the dead flower stem, but I recommend it so the plant can direct energy to new growth. Some kinds of orchids need to dry out for winter dormancy, but others don't, so identifying it will help.

By: Melanie | Date: Nov 18, 2009 |
I am "winter sitting" other people's orchids that have been outside during the summer. One orchid has some transluscent pods at the base of the stem, which I though might be a normal part of this plant. However, and I'm really glad I had this plant segregated from all the others, the room it was in had thousands of dead tiny black bugs (what I would describe as fruit flies) all over the room. I immediatedly bagged the plant and moved it to a different location. Can anyone tell me what to do with this plant? I thought perhaps a water/detergent spray might help, but I don't want to do anything until I know what I'm dealing. I have the option of asking the owner to take it back. Thanks for any help!

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