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By: Lisa | Date: Apr 29, 2010 |
I purchased a Daisy orchid from Hawii a couple of weeks ago. When I received it there was 1 leaf that had a big black dead spot- I removed the spot but the rest of the leaf dropped off. Now I have another leaf that has a large black spot and another leaf close by is yellow. What is going on?

By: AboutOrchids | Date: Apr 29, 2010 | AboutOrchids
To Helen: Phal flowers eventually fade. If you think yours are dying prematurely, common causes for black spots include low humidity, pests, or cold temps.

To Marie: One of the problems with using ice is that it doesn't provide enough water. Instead, use enough room-temperature water to completely soak the roots and flow through the holes in the bottom of the pot. As always, let the pot drain thoroughly so the roots do not sit in water.

By: Helen | Date: Apr 28, 2010 |
I have Phalanenopsis and the petal starting developing black spots on the flowers. What can this be and how would I treat the plant?

By: Marie Holst | Date: Apr 28, 2010 |
The directions of my orchid were: give 3 ice cubes once a week, and that I did. The soil seemed bone dry, so I gave it two more cubes. The cubes are small half crescent in size. The lovely white flowers began to droop. I was away for 5 days and when I returned the leaves are droopy and the flowers even more so. Please tell me what I can do. Upon my return I did give them 1/an extra 1/4 cup of water.

Thank you for any assistanceyou may be able to give me.

By: AboutOrchids | Date: Apr 28, 2010 | AboutOrchids
To Caesar: Start by checking basic care info for Phals. Most orchids cannot survive long in a hot, dry desert area. You will need to work to maintain high humidity. As temps rise, watering frequency & humidity must rise also.

To Leah: Some Phals and Epidendrums just grow a new flower spike to replace a broken one, but other orchids may not bloom again until next year. The fact that you got it to try to bloom once means that you're doing well with it.

To Lisa: Yes, you're orchid can bloom again. Sometimes orchids are waiting for the right time to start new growth. It will bloom on its own schedule. Most orchids grow new flower stalks, or spikes, each season. Check that you're following good basic orchid care, especially adequate light.

By: caesar dominguez sr | Date: Apr 27, 2010 |
i'm new to the orchids, although i think they are a beautiful flower, my wife recived the plant as an easter gift from our daughter and i am trying to do everything right for the life of the flower, the one we have is the "planaenopisi", on the instructions that came with it has some wrong info, i have in the past had flower beds, for my wife, at the presant time i am growing vegetables, so yes i do have a green thumb, but like i said i'm new to the orchids, i would be thankful for all and any info on growing orchids, i've noticed that one of the bulbs had fallen off, it was doing really, well up until a couple of days ago, now that i have better info on watering and light, i hope i can keep it alive, i do give it "superthrive" vitamins as i do all my plants, it is still in the original pot, i water it once a week, or when it is almost dry, (that is how the instructions say to water them),but i will change the watering habits, i live in the desert area, i also want to know if it will survive the hot temperatures, please respond, thank's for your time

By: leah | Date: Apr 27, 2010 |
well . . . .my orchid sprouted it's flowering stem and "I" broke it by touching it. what now? will it shoot again? I cut off the excisting stem? ? ? ?

By: Lisa Connors | Date: Apr 26, 2010 |
I am a new orchid owner and after my orchid enjoyed a long blooming season (ending last fall) I cut the flower spike. The plant leaves are healthy and thriving, but no change or growth has appeared on or near the stalk.

Will it bloom again? Will another stalk grow, and if so, from the old spot? Anything I can do to help it along?

By: AboutOrchids | Date: Apr 26, 2010 | AboutOrchids
You can cut off the old flower stalk. Use a sharp scissors cleaned with hot water & soap, bleach solution, or rubbing alcohol. Cut it back as far as you can without damaging any nearby leaves or roots.

By: Janeen | Date: Apr 25, 2010 |
I just got two phalaenopsis and was wondering. The stalk is about 24" and the blooms are gone, do you cut the stalk back or what do I need to do? They are in a six inch cer. pot and the leaves look real healthy. Thanks for you help.

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