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By: AboutOrchids | Date: Apr 24, 2010 | AboutOrchids
To Thomas: Removing the baby orchid, or keiki, shouldn't damage the parent plant. You can cut the flower spike below the keiki or separate it from the spike.

To Cecilia: The pseudobulbs without leaves on your Beallara are old ones. As long as they're still green, don't worry about them, since they provide energy reserves for the plant. Leaves curled under at the edges can mean insufficient water or humidity.

To KitsunePan: The link doesn't work for me, but even if it did, I doubt I could ID your Phal. There are thousands of Phal hybrids, but fortunately their care conditions are pretty much the same.

To Lee: Some kinds of wood may have natural chemicals that cause problems for orchid roots, and other woods may rot with high humidity. I don't know about Cholla Wood, so it may take some experimentation. Please let me know if it works!

By: Thomas | Date: Apr 24, 2010 |
Hi All,

I have a Phalaenopsis which recently sprouted 2 leaves and 3 roots about halfway up a branch.

I know I can pot it, but I don't want to damage the parent plant. do I just cut the branch below the sprout, or separate the new plant from the branch altogether?

By: Cecilia | Date: Apr 23, 2010 |
I've had my 1st three orchids for two weeks. One of them, Bllra Tahoma Glacier Green, has 3 pseudobulbs (sp?)with no leaves (it looks like they were removed), that are slightly shriveled. The 4th has leaves and a flower stem in bloom. That bulb is not shriveled at all. It seems like part of the plant may need more water than the other part. The leaves on the healthy part seem to turn under at the edges. I have not seen this addressed. What do you think? Thanks in advance.

By: KitsunePan | Date: Apr 23, 2010 |
Im just wondering why type of Phalaenopsis Orchid I have here is a link

think you can let me know?

By: Lee Lewis | Date: Apr 23, 2010 |
I want to know if anyone has tried using Cholla Wood to plant their orchids on?

By: AboutOrchids | Date: Apr 22, 2010 | AboutOrchids
To encourage them to bloom again, try to identify your orchids so you can learn their specific care needs. If you can't ID them, check this generic orchid care info. I recommend you cut off the old flower stem. Use a sharp scissors cleaned with hot water & soap, bleach solution, or rubbing alcohol. Cut it back as far as you can without damaging any nearby leaves or roots.

By: Patricia | Date: Apr 22, 2010 |
I have just recently received several orchid plants. A couple of them have stopped blooming. How do I encourage new blooms? What do I do about the stem the blooms were on? Do I cut it back? How far?
Thank you

By: AboutOrchids | Date: Apr 21, 2010 | AboutOrchids
The entire orchid plant needs good humidity, so look at some tips for raising moisture levels in the air. Depending how dry the air is, your orchid may become susceptible to pests and diseases.

By: Susan | Date: Apr 20, 2010 |
I recently received a Phal orchid. I read on here that it is normal for the root to be outside the pot growing and that is okay as long as you have good humidity. what if I don't have good humidity? Should i re-pot it with the roots under the soil? thank you

By: AboutOrchids | Date: Apr 19, 2010 | AboutOrchids
Hola Marga. My first guess is that your Phals need to be repotted. Check out this post on Repotting. Other causes of wilting blooms include low humidity, cold temps, or pests.

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