Where to Buy

Not Just Flowers in the heart of San Francisco.

Which orchid should I buy?

If you are trying to decide what kind of orchid to buy, it helps to know what conditions you can provide.

How much time do you have to provide care?

Some orchids love to be ignored and require little care, while others need daily care. Those mounted on sticks require regular daily attention. Know the climate you can provide.

Three key factors: Light, Temperature, and Humidity

How cold does it get? How hot? How low does the temperature go at night? What is the humidity level during different times of the day? How do all of these change over the seasons?

What are the light levels around your home or office?

Observe where the rays of the sun fall. Which windows receive direct sun as it travels from east to west during the day? How does the light change as the sun travels high in the sky during spring and summer, and low in the sky during fall and winter?

What are the temperature ranges you can provide?

Many orchids are comfortable at the same temperatures we are. Remember that a sunny room can really heat up and dry out quickly. Cold drafts may shock a plant, but mild drafts are not a problem, as long as you maintain adequate humidity.

What are the humidity levels in your home or office?

Air conditioning and indoor heat can rapidly dry out the air. Many buildings have humidity levels as low as 15%, while orchids demand 50-75%. There are several ways to increase humidity.

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